The Psychology Department requires that all students taking Introduction to Psychology complete a 6-credit research requirement. This consists of participating in experiments conducted by Department Faculty and their Research Assistants. These experiments are approved by the UTA Human Research Review Committee. A typical 60-minute experiment is worth 1-credit. The purpose of the requirement is to give you firsthand knowledge of psychological experimentation. In lieu of participating in experiments, you may choose to write reviews of current research articles. Each review is worth 1-credit. You will not be graded on your performance in an experiment or on your reviews. For fall 2005, students will be awarded 1 of the credits if they complete 5 credits by Nov 1st. FAILURE TO COMPLETE THE REQUIREMENT WILL RESULT IN AN INCOMPLETE FOR THE CLASS. You will then need to complete your requirement during the next semester or the incomplete will turn into an F.


Initial Registration and Account setup

The student credits are maintained in the Department’s online system by the Administrator. Students are supposed to register into this online system to get their credits. The website address is:
After getting to the homepage of this site, click on the icon “New user registration” and enter all the relevant information. This will create and account for you in the system. When the account is created, the system will send a message to your e-mail address. This message will provide the logon ID and password you will need to access your account, and it will remind you of the website address for the system. Upon receiving the e-mail message, access the website immediately and log in to activate your account. You must log in within 3 days of receiving the e-mail message to avoid cancellation of your account. From the system’s home page, click on “Log In” and enter logon ID and password contained in the e-mail message. You will be sent to the “profile option” page.

Next, you need to make sure that the credit you earn for participation in experiments or writing reviews will be assigned to the right class:

• On the “Profile Option” page, click on “Edit Your Course Selection.”
• You will next see a list of the intro sections, including the instructors name and class meeting time. Click on the box to the right of your Intro section. A check will appear in the box.
• Click on the button labeled “Apply Changes” to finalize your course selection.

You can also change your password from the “Profile Option” page. Click on “Edit Your Profile” and the password can be changed at the bottom of the page you see next. Changing any other information may affect your participation and receipt of credits, so it is strongly recommended that you not make any such additional change. Keep in mind that all information in your profile is confidential and stored on a secure server.


Credits and Penalties

Credits: The number of credits available for you to earn for an experiments is listed in its description.

Penalties: If you fail to keep an appointment, or if you are more than 5 minutes late for an appointment, not only will you fail to earn the credits applicable to that experiment, but that number of credits will actually be subtracted from your previous credit total. Penalties thus increase the total number of credits you must earn to satisfy your participation requirement, so it is in your interest not to miss scheduled appointments.

Pending Credit: If credits or penalties have not yet been assigned for a past appointment, the experiment status will be listed as “Pending Credit” in the list of your experiments that you can view by clicking “View Your Appointments”. Allow up to a week after your appointment for the credit or penalty to appear. Contact the experimenter after that time if the status is still listed as pending credit, using the contact information listed for the experiment.


Research Article Report

As an alternative to participating in an experiment, you can write a Research Article Report instead. There are several primary sources of material that can be reviewed. In the Science Learning Center, there are approved journal articles, short book chapters, two editions of Annual Editions: Psychology, and a book entitled Taking Sides. If you would rather review other articles, either your instructor or the Experiment Coordinator will let you know which journals in the library can be used. For each article you choose to review, you will be required to write a one-page paper, which you can turn in either to your instructor or the Experiment Coordinator. Each review is worth 1-credit.



The number of experiments available depends on how many researchers are running experiments. We cannot guarantee that there will be enough experiments to accommodate everyone who wishes to take this option to fulfill the research requirement. If you wait until the end of the semester to sign-up, you may have trouble finding experiments to participate in. THE LAST DAY TO PARTICIPATE IN AN EXPERIMENT OR TO TURN IN A REVIEW IS WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 23rd.



Any matter pertaining to a particular experiment should be addressed first with the experimenter. If you are unable to resolve any such matter, or if you have a problem involving the subject pool generally, contact Jiwei He, the Subject Pool Coordinator, at the following email address:, or see him during Office Hours 505LS, or call him at 817-272-1330.


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