Dr. William Ickes

Dr. William Ickes

  • Distinguished Professor of Psychology
  • Email: ickes@uta.edu
  • Phone: (817) 272-3229
  • Address: Room 510, Life Sciences Bldg.
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  • Description of Research

    The current focus of the UT-Arlington Social Interaction Lab is the study of a number of new personality dimensions that we have introduced: adherence to conventional morality (CM), strength of sense-of-self (SOS), affect intensity for anger and frustration (AIAF), and thin-skinned ego defensiveness (ED).
    In the two decades from 1988 to 2009, the major focus of our lab was the study of empathic accuracy and other aspects of intersubjective social cognition. Most of this research is summarized in Everyday Mind Reading: Understanding What Other People Think and Feel (2003).
    In the decade from 1975-1985, and occasionally thereafter, our research focused primarily on personality influences on social behavior. In this research, we used the unstructured dyadic interaction paradigm to study the influences of birth order, gender roles, and various personality traits on naturally occurring social interaction. This research is summarized in Strangers in a Strange Lab: How Personality Shapes Our Initial Encounters with Others (2009).
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    Subjective and intersubjective paradigms for the study of social cognition

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    Sex roles (gender roles) and relationships

    Personality and social behavior


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