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The Department of Psychology deems it extremely important to regularly expose our Faculty, Staff and Students to the most recent “cutting-edge” research and professional issues.  In order to accomplish this, we routinely have invited speakers from other universities to share their research knowledge with us.  For example, during the past year, we have had the following invited speakers:

  • Dr. Austin Baldwin, Southern Methodist University: “Perceived Satisfaction with Changes in Health Behaviors: Where Does It Come From and Why Does It Matter.”
  • Dr. Francesca Filbey, University of Texas at Dallas:  “Underlying Brain Mechanisms of Addictive Behaviors.”
  • Dr. Sarah Hill, Texas Christian University:  “Courtship, Competition, and Social Cognition: An Evolutionary Approach to Human Decision Making.”
  • Dr. Kathryn Kaiser, University of Alabama at Birmingham:  “All Fat is Not Created Equal:  Issues of Measurement and Intervention.”
  • Dr. Lisa Monteggia, UT Southwestern Medical Center: “Epigenetic Mechanisms Regulating Synapse Function and Behavior.”
  • Dr. Valerie Myers, Louisiana State University School of Medicine:  “Behavioral Approaches in Obesity Management:  The Weight is Over.”
  • Dr. Denise Park, University of Texas at Dallas:  “The Aging Mind: A Neuroimaging View.”
  • Dr. Kristin Phillips, Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute:  “Stress Management Interventions for People Receiving Treatment for Cancer.”
  • Dr. John Ruiz, University of North Texas:  “The Hispanic Mortality Paradox: One Plus One Equals Three?”

In addition, Metroplex Day is an annual collaborative event sponsored by the University of Texas at Arlington, the University of Dallas, and the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas.  It rotates among these three institutions on a yearly basis, such that, for 2012, it was held at UT Arlington.  The purpose of Metroplex Day is to encourage interdisciplinary research across these three great institutions here in North Texas, as well as to stimulate collaborative research projects that leverage the strengths of each Institution.  Indeed, all three Universities offer outstanding research infrastructure and innovative collaborative opportunities across all three campuses.  For the 2012 Metroplex Day, we had a record of 335      attendees, and 135 poster presentations of “cutting-edge” research.



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