New Research Institute Brings Ideas to Reality

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How can we better care for our aging population? Where is the technology to reduce dependence on nonrenewable resources? When will we discover effective treatments for devastating diseases?

These are just some of the questions that the scientists, engineers, and industry partners of the newly established UT Arlington Research Institute are working to answer. The institute aims to become a global leader in the research and development of advanced technology to help humanity.

Under the direction of retired Army Lt. Gen. Rick Lynch, the institute focuses on strengthening links between University research and the commercialization of technology. Goals include providing affordable solutions to complex problems for areas most in demand by potential private and public sector partners, such as advanced manufacturing, applied robotics, medical technologies, energy, water, and the environment.

We are working to become the hub for commercialization of research and university-industry alliance in the North Texas region and beyond,” Lynch says. “We will be able to help businesses adapt and refine cutting-edge technology for commercial applications.”

To facilitate its goal of producing $100 million annually in research expenditures, the UT Arlington Research Institute plans to significantly increase its support staff.

Our University is committed to strengthening its role as an engine that helps drive the North Texas economy,” President James D. Spaniolo says. “The Research Institute will become a focal point for leveraging technology and innovation developed in our labs and classrooms to help our business partners achieve their goals.”

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