Overpasses, by their nature, invite travelers to go over, not under. Thus the areas beneath them are unappreciated, a little foreboding, and passed through quickly. But Bryce Bennett ’13 views these spaces as calm and peaceful, as devoid of human existence as the mountains and vast wilderness of his native Montana. In his photographic series Beneath, he seeks to capture that feeling by presenting images […]

Flight Deck

Don’t think of your next flight delay as an inconvenience. Think of it as an opportunity to peruse fine works by some of the nation’s leading artists. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is home to $6 million in commissioned paintings, sculptures, and mosaic floor medallions. At Love Field in Dallas, a modernization project is transforming the airport into another place to see outstanding art. The Gallery […]

African-American History

Little-known aspects of U.S. history shape much of painter Burl Washington’s nationally recognized artwork. With a keen eye for detail, the UT Arlington alumnus and Fort Worth resident captures bygone events that made America great but often are omitted from history books. “When I was growing up, history was boring. Now it’s just a gold mine,” he says. “The more you dig, the more you […]


Looking within ourselves helps make us who we are. For art Associate Professor Nancy Palmeri, self-reflection is a constant theme. With a focus on printmaking and drawing, Palmeri thrives on the hands-on nature of her art as it examines family, religion, gender, and childhood. Printmaking involves transferring ink from a matrix or through a prepared screen to a sheet of paper or other material. Common […]

Award-Winning Short Film 8

Author Joan Didion said grief is a place none of us know until we reach it. Alumna Julie Gould reached it the day her husband, Clay, died from colon cancer in 2001 at age 29. As a filmmaker, she captured a glimpse of it in her experimental documentary 8, her husband’s number when he played and coached baseball at UT Arlington. The movie follows Julie […]