Spring 2013 Issue

Spring 2013: Nano Defenders

UT Arlington researchers are developing tiny technology to strengthen homeland security

Winter 2012 Issue

Winter 2012: Game Changer

The College Park District is among the many visions turned into reality by retiring President James D. Spaniolo

Summer 2012 Issue

Summer 2012: Conquering the Bully

UT Arlington researchers take off the gloves in the battle against bullying

Spring 2012 Issue

Spring 2012: Color it Amazing

Never before has an event captivated the UT Arlington community like the opening of College Park Center. They came, they saw, they marveled at the striking venue hailed as one of the best of its kind in the nation.

Fall 2011 Issue

Fall 2011: Seismic Breakthroughs

Understanding the movement of Earth’s crust and designing stronger buildings are essential to minimizing earthquake devastation. UT Arlington researchers are playing major roles in both endeavors.

Summer 2011 Issue

Summer 2011: Degrees of Distance

Accessible from anywhere in the world, UT Arlington’s nationally recognized online learning programs are setting enrollment records.

Spring 2011 Issue

Spring 2011: Robots to the Rescue

These versatile microrobots (and others tinier than a flea) could create a safer America.

Fall 2010 Issue

Fall 2010: Higher Calling

As referees in the NFL and NBA, alumni Undrey Wash and Monty McCutchen hold two of the most exclusive and highly scrutinized jobs in the world.

Fall 2009 Issue

Winter 2010: What lies beneath

UT Arlington is leading a rare urban dinosaur dig that could unearth new species and unlock clues to the giant creatures that ruled North Texas 95 million years ago.

Fall 2009 Issue

Fall 2009: Scoping out solutions

For prostate cancer patients, the pioneering research of three engineering professors offers help for today and hope the future.

Spring 2008 Issue

Spring 2009: In step with the environment

UT Arlington is leaving green footprints through eco-friendly programs that preserve our natural resources.

Fall 2008 Issue

Fall 2008: From laboratory to marketplace

How Maverick researchers transform their discoveries into commercial success.

Spring 2008 Issue

Spring/Summer 2008: Slam Dance

Erasing decades of basketball frustration, the Mavericks earn their first NCAA Tournament berth.

Winter 2008 Issue

Winter 2008: Diving in

Alumna Robyn Cox is on a first-name basis with dolphins and whales at SeaWorld San Antonio. As a performer in the park’s animal shows, she’s part trainer, actress and stuntwoman.

Fall 2007 Issue

Fall 2007: Nursing education reinvented

Smart Hospital grooms nurses using lifelike patient simulators

Spring 2007 Issue

Spring/Summer 2007: A legacy of honor

A building, a street and a recognition society bear his name, but former President Wendell Nedderman says he’d rather people remember him as a man of principle.

Winter 2007 Issue

Winter 2007: Major League Mavericks

UT Arlington is becoming a training ground for big-league baseball players.

Fall 2006 Issue

Fall 2006: Tragedy & Triumph

Three ex-Shorthorn photographers share the stories behind their Pulitzer Prize-winning coverage of Hurricane Katrina.

Spring 2006 Issue

Spring/Summer 2006: Mavericks personified

The stories behind the faces.

Winter 2006 Issue

Winter 2006: Polymers, protons and planets

World-class facility blends chemistry, physics, planetarium.

Fall 2005 Issue

Fall 2005: In the limelight

Award-winning alumni, faculty and students are bringing worldwide exposure to the film program.

Spring/Summer 2005 Issue

Spring/Summer 2005: Hoops history

By earning UTA’s first trip to the NCAA tournament, the women’s basketball team attracted local and national media attention and established itself as a major player in big-time college hoops.

Winter 2005 Issue

Winter 2005: Friends & scholars

In sparkling, new Kalpana Chawla Hall, more than 100 freshmen are living and learning with classmates of like academic interests.

Fall 2004 Issue

Fall 2004: Artistic impressions

With spacious new facilities described as the ‘absolute best,’ UTA’s art programs are attracting students worldwide.

Spring/Summer 2004 Issue

Spring/Summer 2004: James D. Spaniolo

A conversation with UTA’s 7th president.

Winter 2004 Issue

Winter 2004: Mission accomplished

John Shapter’s remarkable educational journey.

Fall 2003 Issue

Fall 2003: Work force

Large, small or somewhere in between, these companies all have one thing in common: They rely heavily on UTA graduates.

Spring/Summer 2003 Issue

Spring/Summer 2003: In full bloom

How UTA became the fastest-growing public university in Texas

Winter 2003 Issue

Winter 2003: Rejuvenation

Surge in campus residents energizes student life.

Fall 2002 Issue

Fall 2002: Alumnus Tommy Franks

In command in Afghanistan.

Spring/Summer 2002 Issue

Spring/Summer 2002: Learning without limits

Seven decades separate sophomores Jocelyn Zee and Charles Johnson.

Winter 2002 Issue

Winter 2002: The best and brightest

Smart, talented and destined for success. Meet 9 of UTA’s finest students. Plus: Gates Scholars pursue their dreams

Fall 2001 Issue

Fall 2001: Backstage pass

Alumnus Don Fearing takes you behind the scenes at Bass Hall.

Spring/Summer 2001 Issue

Spring/Summer 2001: Family ties

Lloyd Clark and the Taylor family’s enduring legacy. Plus other stories of education through the generations.

Winter 2001 Issue

Winter 2001: Building Momentum

New residence hall, new programs, new alliances…New Outlook. Plus: Student Eddie McGee wins Big Brother grand prize.