Laura Suarez Henderson, Aerospace Engineering Ph.D. Candidate

You have received some prestigious honors for your research—two Amelia Earhart Fellowships and one from the National Science Foundation. The Amelia Earhart Fellowship was an incredible privilege. The fellowship is very special for me because of Amelia’s legacy. She was so brave, an incredible role model, and a true pioneer. And being awarded the National Science Foundation fellowship still doesn’t feel real to me. It […]

Ben Carroll, Maverick Battalion Cadet Commander

You’re ranked seventh of 5,579 cadets in the nation. That’s in the top 1 percent. The U.S. Army Cadet Command does a national Order of Merit list every year, and there’s a big rubric that goes into the ranking. I recognized early on that your GPA holds the most weight. So I have worked really hard to try to achieve a 4.0. What does a cadet […]

Robert Hayes, Actor and Communication Junior

You’ve had roles in a couple of major Hollywood films. My last movie was American Reunion. I played Bo, who is kind of an antagonist to the main characters. My big break, though, was The Lucky One. I played Victor, who is Zac Efron’s character’s best friend. What was it like when you found out you got a part in The Lucky One? I had […]

Erica Castillo, Goldwater Scholar

As UT Arlington’s first Goldwater Scholar, how do you plan to use the scholarship? I’d like to continue doing research in biomechanics. In engineering we deal with stress and strain with metals, but our bodies feel stresses and strains, too. When I was introduced to this idea, I liked it because it combined engineering and nature. Little by little, we’re trying to understand ourselves. We […]

William Nutt, Anthropology Graduate Student

You made national headlines for an archaeological discovery. Tell us about it. Last summer we were in field school in Italy. While there, I unearthed a fragment of a ceramic vessel that is more than 2,600 years old and is thought to be the earliest representation of childbirth in Western art. Did you know you had made a remarkable discovery? No. We were clearing off a […]