Water Worlds

The Brazos river rises fast against the eastern border of Stonewall County, then winds 840 miles across Texas, through small towns and old ranches, before emptying into the Gulf of Mexico near Freeport. Once a crossing for settlers, the Brazos now pumps millions of tourism dollars into local economies while providing the region with much of its water for drinking and farming. In recent years, […]

Words of Anguish

Duane Keilstrup was doing something he hadn’t done in years—digging through the mounds of files swallowing up his home office—when he found them, peeking from a manila folder, as crisp as the day he put them there nearly 50 years before. Sixty-five essays, single-spaced and double-spaced, most signed, and all handwritten in sprawling cursive by freshmen and sophomores …

Sharing a Bold Vision

Lofty goals don’t daunt Vistasp Karbhari; they motivate him. One conversation with UT Arlington’s new president and you’re inspired by his resolve to help the University scale peaks that once seemed unattainable. In his eyes, great isn’t good enough. He wants UT Arlington to rise, rapidly, into the upper echelon of research institutions.

The Tracks of Progress

When the union pacific trudges through, the entire city pauses. Time moves slowly at the crossing. Graffiti-tagged freight cars present a modern art museum on wheels. Autos edge closer, hoping to hurry the train along. The trains—their noises, their smells, their sheer mass—are a constant in central Arlington, as if its boundaries are more clearly defined by a strange auditory scope …

Small-Scale Security, Full-Force Defense

In Wei Chen’s futuristic universe, incredibly sensitive nanotech sensors fly about in drones, are implanted in high-traffic bridges, and journey aboard robots into environments no humans could survive.