Howard Joyner’s outdoor painting class, circa 1940

More than 75 years ago, North Texas Agricultural College (now UT Arlington) Dean E. E. Davis had a grand idea: Create an art department before The University of Texas at Austin had one. He sought an experienced artist and educator who would give the program instant credibility. In 1937 Davis hired Howard Joyner, who had studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in France, the University […]

E.H. Hereford in his office, circa 1955

Although the school that would become UT Arlington dates to 1895, no president presided over the campus for the first 53 years. In the early days, the top campus executives were called trustees or superintendents. When the school joined the Texas A&M University System in 1917, the chief administrative officer received the title of dean. Presidents eventually were named at branch campuses. Thus in 1948 […]

Homecoming 1965

When Arlington State College (now UT Arlington) students lined Main Street in 1965 to watch the Homecoming parade, their experience was a bit different from today’s Mavericks. The celebration started in 1932 when the University was known as North Texas Agricultural College. For years Homecoming took place in the fall and featured a traditional parade with large floats, a bonfire, and a football game. After […]

Olympians Lanny Bassham (1976) and Doug Russell (1968)

Count UT Arlington alumni Doug Russell and Lanny Bassham among the select group of athletes who’ve experienced the thrill of winning an Olympic gold medal. At the 1968 Summer Games in Mexico City, Russell upset legendary swimmer Mark Spitz in the 100-meter butterfly. His 55.9 set an Olympic record and fell just 0.3 seconds shy of Spitz’s world record. Russell, who set five NCAA marks […]

Linda Ronstadt at Texas Hall, 1977

Few would argue that Barry Manilow and Kiss have little in common. Likewise, you rarely mention Desmond Tutu and Carrot Top in the same sentence. But all four, as well as hundreds of other high-profile singers, bands, speakers, and comedians, have played Texas Hall since the building opened in 1965. The lineup includes singer Linda Ronstadt, whose 1977 performance before a packed house featured Top […]