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Jim Greer

(’84 BS, Electrical Engineering), Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Oncor Electric Delivery


New Academic Building

for the School of Social Work and the Smart Hospital

Crash Course

ANTH 3369:

The ways we become sick seem fairly straightforward: a virus-laden cough, for example, or a spot of bacteria in your food.

Mav Roundup

A Vocation to Serve

Military veteran pursues social work degree, continues to serve community


The Maverick community comes together to help students in need

Pam Nicholson (’07 MEd, Curriculum and Instruction) and Teresa Taber Doughty, dean of the College of Education, had an instant connection. Both longtime educators, they recognized kindred spirits in each other.

Mav Roundup

Drive-In Film Fest

An in-person movie experience is hard to come by these days. Enter the Cinematic Arts’ End of Semester Showcase at UTA—a drive-in movie night that featured short films produced by undergraduate and graduate students alike.

Faculty Focus

Jonathan Asaadi

Why does the universe look the way it does? What are its building blocks, and how do they work? These are the questions that drive Jonathan Asaadi, assistant professor of physics.


Xavien Johns

Business Marketing Junior


Michelle Gonzales

Painter and Mixed-Media Artist

Look Back

A tradition of service 1942

Rosaline Ivey, associate professor of home economics for NTAC, taught the freshman class that created this sewn service flag, complete with 1,056 stars for students who served in the military.

Mav Roundup

Open for Opportunity

UTA ranked among nation’s best for Hispanic students

Well Read

Books by Maverick Authors

Dive into fascinating books by Maverick authors

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Hall of Honor, Department of Military Science


The Appalachian National Scenic Trail, crossing 14 states from Georgia to Maine

Following Mavericks as they travel the world