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Welcome message from Dr. Laura Gough, interim chair:

Welcome to the Department of Biology at the University of Texas Arlington. We perform research and teach across the biological sciences. Our 18 research faculty conduct cutting-edge work in genomics and evolutionary biology, microbiology, and ecology on topics ranging from evolution of new species to antibiotic resistance to global warming. These faculty mentor approximately 80 graduate students earning a Ph.D. or M.S. who are preparing for careers in academia, industry, education, and government. Along with 11 instructors, the faculty also teach approximately 2000 undergraduate majors in Biology or Microbiology, as well as students from other departments across the university. Many of our undergraduates actively pursue research in faculty labs, preparing them for future careers in basic and applied biological sciences, medicine, and other health professions. I encourage you to explore our webpage to learn more about our department and the exciting opportunities for students and research that we support.

The Department of Biology is dedicated to the University mission of research, teaching, and service. Our goals are to provide rigorous, modern training in the biosciences to undergraduate and graduate students, enabling them to pursue careers in scientific research, biology, and biomedical careers. Faculty research and scholarship are integral to our mission and help improve the quality of our undergraduate and graduate training. Outreach to local public schools and other public institutions serve to promote the University‘s activities and increase community awareness of the role of science in our society.


The Department of Biology at the University of Texas at Arlington is an integral academic unit within the
College of Science. The mission of the Department is to advance the understanding and appreciation of biology within the State of Texas and more globally. A major emphasis of our program is to encourage critical thinking and an active engagement in the biological sciences. The department seeks to fulfill this mission through comprehensive teaching and training at the undergraduate and graduate levels, original research advancing knowledge in life science, service to communities within Texas, and outreach to fulfill societal needs with respect to the life sciences.

Biology supports a vibrant, contemporary research program that spans a range of disciplines. The Department has vigorous Ph.D. and M.S. programs that prepare students for successful academic, public-, and private-sector careers in the life sciences. The Department of Biology is home to the largest undergraduate major on the College of Science. The Department offers extensive opportunities for Independent Study, providing students with valuable research experience in many areas of Biology. Faculty in the Department have been recognized for excellence in instruction with numerous teaching awards. The Dept. of Biology is the only unit on campus to have four members in the Academy of Distinguished Teachers, an extremely exclusive group.

All seminars are at 4 p.m. on Thursdays in Life Science Building, Room 118.

September 25
Speaker:  John W.  Fondon, III, Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, UT Arlington
Title: Dynamic genomes: uncovering the influence of mutation spectra on the adaptive processes in vertebrates
Host: Thomas Chrzanowski

October 2
Speaker: Amelia Shevenell, Assistant Professor, University of South Florida, Marine Science
Title: The Southern Ocean Reveals its Climate Secrets: Paleotemperatures from Antarctic Margin Marine Sediments
Host: Laura Mydlarz
Location: GS 100 (Geoscience Building)

October 9
Speaker: Randal Halfmann, Sara and Frank McKnight Fellow, UT Southwestern, Biochemistry
Title:  TBA

October 9
Speaker: Randal Halfmann, Sara and Frank McKnight Fellow, UT Southwestern, Biochemistry
Title:  TBA
Host: Trey Fondon

October 16
Speaker: Joe Barrera, SIRT Director, UT Arlington
Title: Innovation through the Shimadzu Institute: Quantification of Trace Estrogens in Serum by Bulk Derivatization and Direct Cation Exchange Trap-and-Elute LC/MS/MS
Host: Jeff Demuth

November 6, 2014
Speaker: Thomas DeWitt, Associate Professor, Texas A&M, Department of Wildlife & Fisheries Sciences and Department of Plant Pathology &Microbiology
Title: Predators drive replicated phenotypic evolution in prey fishes
Host: Matt Walsh

November 13
Speaker: Aaron Bauer, Professor and Gerald M. Lemole Endowed Chair in Integrative Biology, Villanova University
Title: TBA
Host: Phi Sigma Daren Card

November 20
Speaker: Adam Leaché, Assistant Professor, University of Washington, Biology
Title: TBA
Host: Matthew Fujita

2014 Calendar of events
Monday, April 7 Registration begins for Summer & Fall 2014
Friday, May 2 Last day of classes for Spring 2014
May 2-9 Final exams for Spring 2014
May 9-11 Commencement Ceremonies

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