Dr. Matthew Fujita


Title: Assistant Professor of Biology
MAJOR AREA: Evolutionary Genomics, Molecular Evolution, Systematics, Herpetology
PHONE: (817) 272-1464
LAB: ERB 475
PHONE: (817) 272-9616
FAX: 817-272-9722
PhD: University of California, Berkeley, 2009

My research aims to quantify processes that generate and maintain biodiversity at multiple scales. The incredible diversity of reptiles provide some of the best systems to address questions and topics in evolutionary genetics and genomics, including the identification of processes contributing to global biotic diversification and quantifying the consequences of an asexual life history. In addition, the impending flood of genomic data for reptiles promises to reveal secrets of genome evolution undetected in mammals and birds.

Currently, my research focuses on three major agendas: First, I am interested in the systematics and biogeography of reptiles, with a focus on geckos. My previous and current work uses emerging sequencing technologies to examine diversification processes in Australian geckos. Second, I am using gene expression analyses and large-scale sequencing to quantify genome processes, including differential allelic expression and recombination, and to investigate the genomic consequences of asexual life history strategies in parthenogenetic geckos. And third, using available genome sequences, I am quantifying the evolution of isochores - large tracts of the genome that are compositionally homogeneous - in amniotes.