maeliDr. Maeli Melotto
Principal Investigator
ph: 817-272-1122

paulaPaula Oblessuc
Research Associate
ph: 817-272-6103


Shweta Panchal
Graduate Student
ph: 817-272-6103

Debanjana Roy
Graduate Student
ph: 817-272-6103

Cleverson Matiolli
Post-doctoral Researcher
(co-mentored by Dr. Michel Vicentz and Dr. Maeli Melotto)
ph: 817-272-6103

Undergraduate Assistants:

Vincent Nguyen (Biology – Honors College)
Mark Torres (Biology – Honors College)
Karen Truong (Biology – Honors College)
Jennifer La (Biology– Honors College)
Roshni Kharadi (Biology– Honors College)

High School Summer Interns:

2012: Haley Humphus
2011: Lorena Torres and Mariano Aufiero
2010: Melanie Mendez

labparty2013 Lab Party - 2013

labparty2010 Lab Party - 2011

labparty2010Melotto-Rodrigues Lab Party - 2010

lab pic-2009Lab picture - 2009

Past Members

Post-doctoral Fellows and Research Assistants:

Lenore Price, M.Sc.
Blaine Thompson, M.Sc.
Dr. Sridev Mohapatra (Assistant Professor in India)
Dr. Christina Baker (University of Nebraska)

Graduate Students:

Reejana Chitrakar, M.Sc. (2010)
Cleverson Matiolli, Ph.D. (2012)
Giselle de Carvalho, Ph.D. (2012)
Paula R. Oblessuc, Ph.D. (2013)
Nisita Obulareddy, Ph.D. (2013)

Undergraduate Assistants:

Davina Sassoon (Biology – Honors College)
Anh Quang Le (Biology – Honors College)
Grecia Higareda (Biology – Honors College)
Olawunmi Esho (Biology)
Samantha Trinh (Medical Technology – Honors Thesis Spring-2012)
Hannah Webber (Biology)
Ngoc Bich Ta (Honor College - Biology )
Lindsey Dee Mayhall (Biology)
Sophia Vu (Microbiology)
Christie Le (Microbiology)
Pearlene Williams (Biology)
Ahmed Shahid (Bioengineering)
Haseeb Ikram (Biology)
Saba Ikram (Biology)
Alaa Daghlas (Biology)