Dr. Jorge Rodrigues


Assistant Professor of Biology
MAJOR AREA: Microbiology
OFFICE: B17 A Life Science
PHONE: 817-272-1124
LAB:  B17 Life Science
PHONE: 817-272-1124
FAX: 817-272-2855

The extent of bacterial diversity is believed to largely surpass all eukaryotes together (plant, animals, fungi, and protists), but still beyond measurable reach owing to our limited technological advances in cultivation and molecular analyses. More important than cataloging all microbial species, is the understanding on how species rise, fall, exert influence on and are influenced by a complex ecosystem. These questions have broad implications to basic research in evolutionary biology and ecology, and applied aspects, such as conservation policies.

The research program in my laboratory is guided by the following specific questions:

1) How is the genetic diversity of a species reflected in its habitat abundance pattern?

2) What biological, chemical, and physical forces shape spatial and temporal patterns of species distribution?

3) What are the genomic features (genes, regulatory sequences, gene copy number, etc.) responsible for the ecological outcome of a species?

To answer these questions, my laboratory has been using a combination of genomic and physiological experimental data to study microbial phylogenetic, and functional diversity, and ecological processes shaping microbial communities.

If you are interested in evolutionary and ecological genomics, microbial ecology, and microbial diversity, please email me at jorge@uta.edu  for more information to join my research group.