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Jorge Rodrigues (PI) has been writing grant proposals and having a lot of fun making discoveries!









Malini Kotak, Ph.D. student. Malini is interested in the Genome track of the PhD program. She has been using bioinformatic tools for comparative analisys of large genomic datasets.







Wadud Khan Ph.D. student. He has been working on network analysis of metagenomic samples.







Nattaya Khakhum, visiting Ph.D. student from Thailand. Nit has been working on gene expression of a lytic phage.







Madhu, Ph.D. student in Environmental Sciences. She is advised by Dr. Melanie Sattler (UTA Department of Civil Engineering). Madhu is working on microbial communities for generation of methane from Vinasse.







Elisa Matos is a visiting PhD student from Brazil. She is studying microbial community development in Podzol soils.







Fabio Soares is a visiting PhD student from Brazil. He is interested in expression and characterization of cellulases from metagenomic libraries.








Luis Velazquez is UTA Biology undergraduate with a Major in Microbiology. He has been isolating new microorganisms from the termite hindgut.







Past members of our Lab (We miss you!):


Jantiya Isanapong (Nok) - Assistant Professor - Faculty of Applied Science, King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok, Thailand.







Dr. Babur Mirza  (Utah State University - College of  Engineering)







Austin Willis, M.Sc. (Medical School - University of North Texas)








Aditya Ranjan, M.Sc. (Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas)








Fabiana Paula Ph.D.(University of Sao Paulo)








Dr. Atcha Boonmee (Nan) (Khon Kaen University, Thailand)






Chotima Potisap (Noon), (Ph.D. student, Khon Kaen University)









Rinrapee Ngamsang (Fon), (M.Sc. student, Khon Kaen University)







Sealy Hambright, M.Sc. (Ph.D student, University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio)






Visiting Professors or Scientists: 

                    Dr. Cristina Barreto (University of Brasilia)
                    Dr. Min-Ken Liao (Professor - Furman University, South Carolina)                                             
                    Dr. Acacio A. Navarrete (Post-Doctoral Associate - University of Sao Paulo)



                    Nashid Chowdhury (University of Texas, Austin)

                    Marie A. Padua (Texas A&M Health Science Center Baylor College of Dentistry)

                    Blessy Thomas (School of Pharmacy - UT Austin),

                    Tiffany A. Mathew (School of Pharmacy - Univ. of Maine),

                    Bich Nga Pham (UTA Biomedical Engineering),

                    Bogar Garcia (UT Southwestern Medical School),

                    Maria Bhatti (University of Texas, Austin - Masters in Education),

                    Neda Jooya (University of Houston Medical School),

                    Yen Thao Nguyen (University of Texas, Austin - Medical School),

                    Michal Fanning (UT Southwestern),

                    Chalita Towong (University of Texas at Arlington)

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