Dr. Matthew Walsh

Matthew Walsh

Assistant Professor of Biology
MAJOR AREA: Evolutionary Ecology, Aquatic Ecology, Life History Evolution
OFFICE: B08 Life Science
PHONE:  817-272-1546
LAB: B02 Life Science
PHONE: 817-272-9079
PhD: University of California, Riverside, 2009

Research in my laboratory bridges the gap between community/ecosystem ecology and evolutionary biology to explore the reciprocity between ecological and evolutionary forces in natural populations (i.e, eco-evolutionary dynamics). My research addresses questions of broad ecological and evolutionary interest and my research has two principle axes: First, I evaluate the influence of ecological processes on evolutionary change with a focus on interactions with well known ecological importance but whose evolutionary significance has been ignored. This includes research addressing evolutionary changes in fish and aquatic invertebrates in response to naturally occurring processes, such as predation, as well as anthropogenic change. Second, I examine the reciprocal impacts of evolution on ecological properties. I utilize a cross-disciplinary, integrative approach that combines quantitative ecological techniques (capture-recapture analyses, field sampling) with strong evolutionary components (common garden experiments) and I emphasize robust experimental manipulations that test evolutionary theory in nature. My study systems include killifish on the island of Trinidad, Daphnia-alewife interactions in lakes in Connecticut, and invasive populations of zooplankton in Texas. If you are interested in the evolutionary ecology of aquatic organisms and would like to join my group, please email me at matthew.walsh@uta.edu for more information.