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We Make A Mark

mark: to have an impact, impress, transform

The College of Architecture, Planning and Public Affairs (CAPPA) at UTA celebrates the rich gems of experience, intuition, and perspective each person brings, offering an opportunity to hone them into jewels that unleash the inherent potential of places and communities.

In CAPPA, we transmit the knowledge and skills of our fields while students connect more deeply with themselves, others, and the natural and built landscapes. In the true spirit of the word education – from the Latin educare meaning “to bring out from within” – students build upon their unique gifts to innovate and thereby evolve the canon of expertise, upon which future generations will make their mark. And the upward virtuous spiral continues.CAPPA Spiral

As the conventional model of education was filling empty student vessels with knowledge and skills before sending them forth into the world, so the fields of architecture, planning, and social science were similarly engaging in erasure. In CAPPA, we regard each person and each place as a brimming tabula plena, rather than a vacant tabula rasa, and provide a dynamic setting for maximizing this capacity.

Working with our hands, heads, and hearts, we change the world one place at a time through our Arlington Urban Design Center housed at City Hall, Parallel Construction (a design-build studio), the Institute of Urban Studies, the Digital Architecture Research Consortium (DARC), the David Dillon Center for Texas Architecture, studio and workshop projects that engage real-world topics, and more. Students also benefit from small classes, dedicated faculty and staff, strong student organizations, mentorships with local professionals, and the dynamism of the Dallas-Fort Worth region. Degree programs in Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Planning (Masters and PhD), Real Estate, Public Policy (Masters and PhD), and Public Administration (Master of Public Administration and PhD) may be customized with minors in Environmental and Sustainability Studies and History of Architecture and with new certificates in Historic Preservation, Healthcare Design, Urban Farming, and Urban Design.

Presumably the most intelligent of species, humans are the only ones to construct unsustainable habitats. This is because our large brains enable us to suppress what we might call our “habitat instinct.” CAPPA is at the forefront of widespread efforts to reconnect with this buried instinct and co-create urban, ecological, and social fabrics that grace the planet, rather than disgrace it.  

We invite you to join us and MAKE YOUR MARK

The University of Texas at Arlington will soon begin a search for a new dean for the College of Architecture, Planning and Public Affairs.

Ronald L. Elsenbaumer, PhD
Interim Dean and Senior Advisor to the President
for Entrepreneurship & Economic Development