Student Stories: Isra Qureshi

Isra Qureshi

Isra Qureshi, Senior Business Analytics major

Why UTA?

I chose UT Arlington because my twin sister was already enrolled here and it was the only university in the DFW area that was offering a degree solely in Business Analytics.

What is your favorite UTA memory so far?

My Favorite Honors College memory is from spring 2033 when I made an air dry clay piece for my desk and my favorite UTA memory is when I joined the Goolsby Leadership Academy.

What are you in involved in on campus?

Currently I am the College of Business Senior Senator, the Vice President of Pledge Education for Delta Sigma Pi, work in the Leadership Center as a Maverick Leadership Trainer, and I am an Honors Advocate

Have any advice for incoming students?

Explore what you want to, but have an idea for how you want to finish or where you want to go eventually.