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Hazardous Waste


   Jordan Feder
   Safety Specialist (Chemical)
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   Johnny Jewell
   Safety Specialist (Waste and Environmental)
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The UTA EH&S hazardous waste program assists university entities with the safe and compliant handling and removal of hazardous waste. Hazardous waste program staff directly remove waste, provide containers and materials to labs for waste storage, and offer technical expertise to labs and entities in need of assistance. Program staff work with university entities to ensure legally compliant, safe, and timely hazardous waste storage and removal while minimizing impact on lab activities and research.

Waste Removal Requests

A request to have hazardous waste removed from a laboratory or shop can be submitted via Chemical Environmental Management System (CEMS). The instructions for submitting a request can be found in the SOP - Request for Chemical Waste Removal on CEMS. Please contact EH&S at 817-272-2185 if any questions arise regarding this process.

Chemical Spill Response and Reporting

In the event of a chemical spill, refer to Emergency Procedures and Equipment, Section 4 in the Laboratory Safety Manual (Chemical Hygiene Plan). Additional guidance for chemical spills can be found in the SOP - Laboratory Chemical Spills. UT Arlington laboratories/shops are equipped with a chemical spill kit if appropriate. Contact EH&S at 817-272-2185 to request a chemical spill kit or if refill supplies are required for an existing chemical spill kit.

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