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Laser Safety

picture of Harvey RicheyHarvey Richey
Engineering Research & Laser Safety Specialist

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UT Arlington is registered by the State of Texas to use laser devices in research, development, and instruction. Strict adherence to established federal and state procedures is essential to ensure the safety of faculty, staff, students and the general public. Faculty members planning to work with Class 3B or 4 laser devices should first coordinate with the EH&S Laser Safety Officer (LSO) to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.


 Steps to Using Lasers in Your Laboratory

  1. Contact Harvey Richey or the Laser Safety Officer before using lasers.
  2. Complete the EH&S On-line Laser Safety Training
  3. Submit a Laser Device Registration form to EH&S for all new lasers purchased or brought to UT Arlington.
  4. A Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), approved by the LSO, must be on file with EH&S for each laser registered.
  5. Use of Radiation Sources CO-LS-PR04

EH&S Forms

Laser Forms are located under Laboratory Safety.

Manuals and Guidelines

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