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Radiation Safety

picture of Laura WarrenLaura Warren
Radiation Safety Officer
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UTA is licensed by the State of Texas to use radioactive materials in research, development, and instruction. Strict adherence to established federal and state procedures is essential to ensure the safety of faculty, staff, students and the general public. Radioactive materials, radiation-producing machines, and lasers devices on this campus must be registered and licensed. Faculty members planning any work with radioactive materials or radiation-producing machines (x-rays), or Class IIIb or IV laser devices, should first coordinate with the EH&S Radiation Safety Officer to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. New activity involving radiation sources must be evaluated and approved by the University Radiation Safety Committee, which certifies that the faculty member is qualified to handle and use the materials and that lab facilities are adequate to perform the intended work safely. Anyone using radioactive materials must first complete general training in safety practices which includes instruction in proper waste disposal. EH&S should be advised of contamination problems and activities.


Use of Radiation Sources CO-LS-PR04

SOP - Request for Radioactive Waste Removal

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Radiation Forms are located under Laboratory Safety.

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