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Office of the President, UTA



August 13, 2021

Dear Faculty and Staff,

The current COVID‑19 situation in the state and across the nation has understandably created concern within our community. While we maintain our goal of moving toward a resumption of on-campus classes and activities for our students, securing the health and safety of our community remains a top priority.

We are continuously monitoring the latest guidance from public health experts and the state of Texas, as well as the emergence of COVID‑19 variants. Our plans for the fall will always remain flexible to respond accordingly. As local case numbers rise, we are implementing some adjustments for the upcoming semester to help reduce the spread of COVID‑19.

COVID‑19 Testing

Regardless of vaccination status, all employees coming to campus in any capacity must provide a viral test (antigen test or nucleic acid amplification test such as a PCR) by Sept. 8, 2021. Similarly, these testing protocols will apply to all students living on or coming to campus in any capacity.

UTA has a number of on-campus testing options that meet the required criteria and are free. In addition, the results from our on-campus options will be automatically reported to UTA with no further action required on your part. Results from off-campus testing sites will be accepted, though you will not be reimbursed for costs.

You will be able to upload and submit your COVID‑19 test results from off-campus testing sites to a digital portal that will be made available to campus in the coming days. Please continue to monitor your UTA email and the UTA COVID‑19 Information website for updates. Employees already working on campus may submit their results as soon as the portal becomes available, but no later than Sept. 8. Negative results from tests conducted more than 72 hours before the portal is made available will not be accepted. 

Remember, if you test positive, please follow the CDC’s isolation protocols and submit the Personal Diagnosis Form.

The University will continue to evaluate conditions on campus to determine any future testing protocols that may be necessary throughout the upcoming semester.

Reducing, Pausing On-Campus Staffing

Departments and units with employees conducting onsite work or with plans for returning employees to onsite work are authorized to delay the return of non-student-facing, non-direct-student-supporting personnel until Sept. 8, while still ensuring in-person business and operational continuity and services are not negatively affected.

Best Practices for a Safe Return

It is the responsibility of everyone in our Maverick community to take seriously the precautions and guidance implemented at the federal, state, local and University levels. We ask that you continue to uphold the best practices for maintaining the health and safety of our campus community. This includes wearing a mask when indoors, washing and sanitizing hands regularly, performing a daily health screening and getting vaccinated, if you are able to do so.

If you haven’t received the COVID‑19 vaccine yet, we strongly urge you to do so. Here’s why:

  • The Delta variant is highly contagious and represents a significant risk of infection and illness for unvaccinated individuals.
  • The vaccines authorized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration are safe and highly effective against COVID‑19 and its variants.
  • While breakthrough cases can occur, they tend to be more mild or asymptomatic among individuals who are vaccinated, and the vaccine remains highly effective against severe illness and death.

We’ve established on-campus vaccination clinics to provide you convenient and free access to the best defense against the COVID‑19 virus. Information about additional vaccine opportunities is available through the University’s COVID-19 Vaccination Information and Resources website.

We’ll continue to provide updates and communicate important changes via email, MavWire and our COVID‑19 website.

Together and as individuals, if we each do our part—get vaccinated, get tested, wear masks, stay home if symptomatic—we will have the best chance at the kind of fall semester we know many of us had hoped for for our students. We greatly appreciate the efforts by all faculty and staff members and your support of the University’s mission and dedication to our students.


Teik C. Lim, Ph.D.
Interim President




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