COVID-19 Testing Policy and Resources

Schedule a COVID-19 Test

All UTA employees and students can receive COVID-19 tests on campus through a partnership with Curative. Supported by funding from the Texas Division of Emergency Management, these on-campus testing services are free, regardless of insurance status. The PCR tests administered through this service meet diagnostic requirements for returning to school and work and clearance for travel and medical procedures.

Curative will be administering tests seven days a week at two locations on the UTA campus. Each site delivers results in 1-2 days.

Location No. 1: Rosebud Theater in the University Center

  • Established to support the required testing protocol, this site is recommended for employees and students without COVID-19 symptoms seeking proactive testing or required testing. This location is exclusively for UTA employees and students.
  • Appointments are strongly encouraged but not required. Secure your appointment.

Location No. 2: Curative Testing Center at 435 Spaniolo Drive in the College Park District

  • This location is primarily for symptomatic or exposed students, faculty and staff, or their immediate family.
  • Appointments are strongly encouraged but not required. They can be made through UTA’s portal on Curative’s website.

UTA Health Services offers free COVID-19 testing for students experiencing symptoms consistent with the virus. Students seeking proactive testing or testing for reporting purposes should utilize one of the Curative testing sites.

Students coming to Health Services with COVID-19-related concerns will meet with a health care provider. The provider will determine if testing is necessary.

Students with COVID-19 symptoms should call 817-272-2771 to schedule a consultation with a health center medical provider. In the event of a medical emergency, call 911 and inform the dispatcher of COVID-19 concerns.

COVID-19 testing with an in-network provider is at no cost for those with UT Select and UT Connect coverage. Find locations for COVID-19 testing sites.

Covered employees should contact Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) for assistance with finding a testing site. A BCBSTX representative will be happy to help with choosing an in-network provider with the best location for individual needs.

The BCBSTX numbers are:
UT Select (866) 882-2034
UT Connect (888) 399-8889

You may also contact or call (817) 272-5554 for if you have further questions.

Required COVID-19 Testing Policy

Beginning Monday, Sept. 13, students, faculty and staff coming to any UTA campus in any capacity will be selected at random for mandatory COVID‑19 testing.

Until further notice, 20% of our campus population, regardless of vaccination status, will be selected each week for testing. Notifications will come from, and you will have seven days to get tested after being selected. If you have any questions, contact

UTA has a number of on-campus testing options that meet the required criteria and are free. Results received from an on-campus testing option will automatically be reported to the University with no further action required on your part.

Results from off-campus testing sites will be accepted, though you will not be reimbursed for costs. Test results from an off-campus testing site will be uploaded to the COVID-19 Self Report portal in MyMav.

Remember, if you test positive, please follow the CDC’s isolation protocols and submit the Personal Diagnosis Form.

UTA’s COVID-19 testing resources are always available to you should you need or want a test; you do not need to wait until you are selected for random testing.

COVID-19 Self Report Portal

Use the COVID-19 Self Report Portal in MyMav to upload your COVID-19 test results from off-campus testing sites.

Access the Portal

Required COVID-19 Testing Policy FAQs

Until further notice, 20% of our campus population, regardless of vaccination status, will be selected each week for COVID-19 testing.

Read the testing FAQs

Daily Self-Monitoring Checklist

If you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms that are new, worsening or occurring in a way that is not normal for any chronic conditions you may have, please remain or return home.

Download The Checklist