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General Questions

Have a question about the Maverick Speakers Series? You can probably find the answer here. If not, contact External Affairs at and we'll find it for you.

How much do these lectures cost?

Students, faculty, and staff can reserve two general admission tickets for FREE. General admission tickets are $5 each. Preferred packages cost $35. Season tickets are $150 each. Learn more about ticket pricing and amenities.

Do I need a ticket?

Tickets are required for admission to Maverick Speakers Series events. Go to and follow the directions for obtaining a ticket.

What if I can't print my ticket off the UTA Tickets website?

If you have trouble printing out your tickets, please contact the UTA Box Office at 817-272-9595 or

How soon can I get my tickets before an event?

Visit for all available upcoming Maverick Speakers Series events.

Are there reserved seats?

General admission seating is first-come, first-served. Preferred, Season, and VIP tickets provide seats in reserved sections near the front of the venue. (When the event is sold out, the website will no longer permit you to claim or buy tickets.)

Can I get my tickets at the door?

To guarantee your seat, you should acquire your tickets in advance through the website. Only in rare events will tickets be made available at the door.

Is parking free for Maverick Speakers Series events? Where can I park?

Permits are not required for evening events at UTA (for most spaces). Ample handicapped parking is available near every facility. Those with preferred or VIP tickets will receive a printable parking pass to gain access to special parking areas when available. See map of the campus.

May I bring my copy of the speaker's book for signing after the lecture?

Autograph opportunities may be available depending on the speaker. If so, you may bring one item to be autographed. For your convenience, occasionally books may be sold on site before and after the lecture while supplies last. Prices vary. Cash, personal checks, and debit/credit cards will be accepted.

May I photograph the speaker?

Flash photography, audio and/or video recording are not allowed. On occasion, a speaker may allow personal photographs to be taken (without the use of the flash). This will be communicated on the night of the event.

I use a wheelchair. Will there be some assistance getting into the lecture hall?

If you need special accommodations to fully enjoy a Maverick Speakers Series event, please contact External Affairs at

Bag Policy

bag policy

Why is College Park Center/Texas Hall adopting a Clear Bag Policy?

The safety of our guests is the top priority in all security decisions. We want to provide a safe environment for all attendees and expedite entry into the arena.

Are other venues adopting similar policies?

Yes. Many other arenas, stadiums and performing arts centers have adopted similar policies to increase public safety at large events. The use of bag policies (clear bag and small clutch purses) is an industry best-practice for helping provide safe venues for large public events.

How does the bag policy improve public safety?

A clear bag allows for a more efficient bag check and reduces faulty bag searches. Because the bag screening process is more efficient, it also saves time and expedites entry into venues.

What type of bags am I permitted to bring?

Acceptable bags are clear plastic, vinyl or PVC and do not exceed 12” x 6” x 12” in size. A one-gallon clear plastic freezer bag, in addition to a small clutch or purse that is no larger than 4.5” x 6.5”.

Am I allowed to bring a diaper bag?

Small diaper bags are permitted when accompanied by a child. These bags will be searched and tagged.

What if I have special medical equipment or a breast pump I need to have with me?

Exceptions are typically granted for medically necessary items and breast pumps after proper inspection. These bags will be searched and tagged.

What happens if I show up at the venue with a bag that is not permitted?

Guests will not be permitted to bring prohibited bags into the venue. Guests will be asked to return prohibited items to their vehicle or transfer their belongings to an approved clear bag prior to entering. College Park Center, Texas Hall, and The University of Texas at Arlington are not responsible for items left behind, lost, stolen, or damaged.

Do I have to put everything I’m carrying into the permissible bags?

The bag policy limits only the type of bags permitted into the venue, not the items. Guests can continue to carry items such as keys, phones, wallets, etc. loosely or in an approved bag. Please review our list of prohibited items if you are unsure if an item is permissible.

Are there other security measures?

Yes. All other security measures will remain in place for events. For some events, further screening of all guests entering the venue may include walk-through metal detectors and canine teams.

Preferred Packages

Who can buy a preferred ticket?

Anyone. Preferred packages are sold on a first-come, first-served basis regardless of one’s association with UTA. Preferred tickets are available exclusively at

How many preferred packages are available for each event?

It will vary depending on the event. Certain speakers will sell out more quickly and will attract larger audiences. At each event, we will accommodate as many guests wishing to purchase a preferred package as possible. When we are sold out, packages will no longer be available and guests should secure general admission tickets, if available.

When I purchase a preferred package on the website, how do I receive it?

Once your purchase is final, you will download your ticket and parking pass, print them out, and bring them with you to the lecture. We cannot scan tickets off smart phones, iPads, etc., and we will not have your ticket at our box office or will-call window. You must download and print out your ticket and parking pass.

What if I lose my ticket or have trouble printing it out?

If any issues arise with your tickets, please call the box office at 817-272-9595 for assistance.

Instead of buying a preferred package for each individual event, can I purchase a season ticket and come to them all?

We certainly hope that you’ll come to each event! Season tickets are available starting at $150 per person. (A $25 savings versus buying all five tickets separately.)

I want to bring someone with me to hear a speaker. Do we each need a ticket, or can my guest come in with me?

Your preferred package includes one ticket for you. Your guest must have his or her own ticket to gain admission. You may purchase a preferred package for your guest, or your guest may purchase his or her own. If your guest has a free general admission ticket and not a preferred package ticket, he or she will not be permitted to sit in the reserved seating section.

If I have a preferred ticket, may I sit wherever I choose?

You may sit wherever you choose in the preferred seating area, which is a designated area near the front of the venue.

How many parking passes do I get with a preferred package?

There are a limited number of parking places available in our reserved lot, and many of our guests choose to carpool to Maverick Speakers Series events. Therefore, as a rule, you will be given one parking pass for every two preferred or season tickets that you purchase. If you need additional parking for a guest with a preferred ticket, simply call the box office at 817-272-9595 and we will attempt to accommodate your request.

What happens if I purchase a preferred ticket but then can’t attend the lecture? Is my ticket and money wasted?

While tickets are nonrefundable, all benefits are fully transferable. Feel free to give your preferred ticket to a friend.

Can I buy a preferred ticket when I arrive for the lecture that night?

No. All preferred tickets must be purchased in advance at

When I purchase a preferred ticket, I get front-of-line access to autograph signings. But what if a speaker doesn’t do an autograph signing?

We try to include autograph signings with as many lectures as possible so that our guests may interact with our speakers. However, some speakers’ schedules do not permit them to do an autograph signing. In most cases, whether or not a particular speaker will sign autographs will be communicated on this website in advance of an event. There is no substitute benefit if a speaker does not do an autograph signing.

When I purchase a preferred package, what happens to my $35?

It will help UTA continue to secure high-profile thought-leaders for the Maverick Speakers Series.

Since I’m giving to UTA, is my $35 tax-deductible?

No. According to IRS regulations, you are buying a product, not making a donation. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to the Maverick Speakers Series or anything else at UTA, please visit

Season Packages

What benefits do I receive as a season ticket holder?

You receive the same benefits as a preferred ticket holder, at a $25 discount for the price of all five lectures.

How many season tickets can I purchase?

There is no limit to the number of season tickets you can purchase.

When I purchase a season ticket, how will I receive it?

Once your payment is processed, tickets for each event will be distributed via an emailed PDF about four weeks prior to each speaker.  If you experience difficulty with the receipt of your tickets, contact the Box Office for assistance at 817-272-9595.

What if I lose my season ticket?

Because your tickets will be emailed as a PDF, you can print them out whenever you want. If you delete or misplace the email, you can reprint your ticket by going to and clicking “Manage my account.” You may also contact the Box Office for assistance at 817-272-9595.

What if one of the scheduled lectures is canceled?

The Box Office will refund a pro-rated ticket price. 

What if I purchase a season ticket, but can’t attend one of the lectures?

We will not be able to refund your ticket in this instance. However, benefits are transferable, so feel free to give your ticket to a friend.

If I want to bring a guest, do they have to purchase a ticket as well? Will they be able to sit with me?

Your single season ticket purchase is equal to one ticket per lecture. Your friend will have to purchase a preferred ticket in order to sit with you in the reserved seating area for preferred package and season ticket holders.

VIP Packages

For questions about the VIP package, special event receptions and other VIP benefits, please contact Mark LaVelle at or 817-272-5235.