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Meet Jacinto

At first I really was not sure what pride peers was, I just knew it was gay and I needed a job and I wanted to be there cause of Justin and such. However, once I got in and had our first meeting I was seeing how much more it was than just a group of gays and allies, it was a safe place, it was an advocacy group, it was a group of students who want to educate and be a voice for those who did not feel like they had one at UTA. Our events were so inclusive, if someone had a question, a concern, even just wanted to swing by to say hello they were welcome and encouraged to. It's a group that has open arms for all. Pride Peers is a family to me now, I feel close to everyone in the group and I feel them to be good friends and I know they are a good support group, not just for me, but for fellow students as well. I chose to be Pride Peer because I wanted to educate incoming LGBTQ+ students and faculty and to give them the safe haven they would need if wanted or just come to for comfort.

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