Resolution 02-24: WE WANT PICKAPROF!

Number 02-24
Description PickAProf services
Authored by Joshua Warren
Sponsored by Brandon Krause
Date Submitted Tuesday, November 19, 2002
Date Considered Thursday, January 1, 1970
General Body Vote Tuesday, December 3, 2002
Committee Other
Result Implemented
Remarks IMPLEMENTED - Although PickAProf canceled their contract later.
Whereas Karen Bragg, PickAProf's Director of University Relations, presented information about to Student Congress at the beginning of the fall semester; and
Whereas PickAProf is a valuable student resource; and
Whereas The student body would greatly benefit by the continued service of PickAProf at UTA; and
Whereas At least for the initial period, this would be a service of Student Congress - individual students would not be charged to use the services of PickAProf and the PickAProf website would reflect this with links, etc to the Student Congress website; and
Whereas While the University makes grade distribution information and course syllabi available, PickAProf will make it much easier for students to obtain this information and publicize the fact that this information is publicly available.
Be It Further Resolved That The University sign an initial contract with a maximum value of $3,000 a year with PickAProf.
Downloadable File Download 02-24WeWantPickAProf_1627934233.pdf