Resolution 99-48: TEST TIME

Number 99-48
Description allow students to hold tests for a peripod
Authored by Nathan Hughes
Sponsored by Shane Fondon
Date Submitted Tuesday, October 26, 1999
Date Considered Tuesday, February 1, 2000
General Body Vote Thursday, January 1, 1970
Committee Academic Affairs
Result Killed By Committee
Remarks FAILED - Too far reaching. Could negatively impact the larger number of students who are satisfied with their professors or colleges.
Whereas Students often must briefly review graded tests only in the presence of the instructor or designated proctor; and
Whereas The learning experience that industry demands, and for which the student has paid, requires quality feedback from the instructor; and
Whereas The student's careful review of a graded test provides a valuable learning experience by increasing one's comprehension of the material.
Be It Further Resolved That Students be allowed to keep their graded tests for no less than one 24 hour period; and
Be It Further Resolved That Said 24 hour period shall occur within one week after the test is graded; and
Be It Further Resolved That The student must return the test in essentially the same condition it was received after the 24 hour period; and
Be It Further Resolved That This resolution take effect immediately after passage.
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