Resolution 99-33: PROJECT PACHL

Number 99-33
Description upset over pachl hall demolition
Authored by Scott Baker
Sponsored by Jeannie Panton
Date Submitted Tuesday, April 20, 1999
Date Considered Tuesday, September 21, 1999
General Body Vote Thursday, January 1, 1970
Committee Student Affairs
Result Killed By Committee
Remarks FAILED - It does not meet current standards. School planned to demolish building regardless of residents' concerns.
Whereas Pachl is a 51 year old building dedicated to Delmar Max Pachl, an assistant professor of Art at what is now UTA who was killed while serving his country in Leite; and
Whereas Pachl is the least expensive dormitories on campus; and
Whereas The building is a sturdy structure that surpasses current building standards; and
Whereas The residents of Pachl have demonstrated their resistance to its destruction through oral and written correspondence.
Be It Further Resolved That The administration conducts a renovation study prior to any decisions on the demolition of Pachl Hall; and
Be It Further Resolved That The members of the Pachl Hall Council are involved in the renovation study; and
Be It Further Resolved That This resolution takes effect immediately upon passage.
Downloadable File Download 99-33ProjectPachl_1627938029.pdf