Resolution 99-31: A YEAR TO REMEMBER

Number 99-31
Description make yearbook
Authored by Sharon Smith
Sponsored by Eric Hubert
April Anderson
Date Submitted Tuesday, April 6, 1999
Date Considered Thursday, January 1, 1970
General Body Vote Tuesday, November 16, 1999
Committee Academic Affairs
Result Passed By Legislative Branch
Remarks FAILED - President Witt in a memo dated November 6, 2000, stated that "I cannot conclude that the circumstances that led to financial losses and elimination of the yearbook in 1982 have changed."
Whereas The University of Texas at Arlington has not had a yearbook since 1982; and
Whereas Student Publications suspended the UTA yearbook due to lack of student demand and unacceptable financial losses; and
Whereas Most Universities with the same size and "commuter school" characteristics of UTA have a yearbook; and
Whereas Members from the Greek Community, the Corps of Cadets, and many of the dormitory residents have stated their support for a yearbook.
Whereas UTA has the facilities, and needs only the money to start and fund the programs; and
Whereas The cost of the yearbook could be included in fees and everyone would receive a yearbook or students could prepay for the yearbook, and the journalism department could provide staff as part of their higher education classes.
Be It Further Resolved That UTA establish a Maverick yearbook; and
Be It Further Resolved That That the yearbook staff be assembled immediately and a yearbook be created for the academic school year.
Downloadable File Download 99-31AYeartoRemember_1627938077.pdf