Resolution 99-23: THE GREEN HOUSE EFFECT

Number 99-23
Description more landscaping
Authored by Brandon Harmon
Sponsored by Brandon Harmon
Date Submitted Tuesday, November 10, 1998
Date Considered Tuesday, December 1, 1998
General Body Vote Thursday, January 1, 1970
Committee Academic Affairs
Result Killed By Committee
Remarks FAILED - The Physical Plant has been working on this, so the bill is unnecessary.
Whereas UTA is continuously trying to retain and attract students; and
Whereas The scenery of the campus is a strong influence on students' attitudes; and
Whereas Colorful flowers and foliage are limited to just a few campus locations.
Be It Further Resolved That UTA expand its landscaping efforts to additional locations throughout campus; and
Be It Further Resolved That This landscape maintenance be year round.
Downloadable File Download 99-23TheGreenHouseEffect_1627938776.pdf