Resolution 98-34: TEST MACHINES

Number 98-34
Description Vending machines strategically placed across campus
Authored by Jamie Gold
Sponsored by Alicia Layman
Sharon Smith
Date Submitted Tuesday, March 24, 1998
Date Considered Thursday, January 1, 1970
General Body Vote Wednesday, October 13, 1999
Committee Student Affairs
Result Passed By Legislative Branch
Remarks FAILED - President Witt sent a memo dated November 18, 1999 that stated that he would have the library contact their vendor, CDT, to provide a vending machine for the materials in question. It never happened.
Whereas The UTA Campus spans 390.5 acres; and
Whereas There are 98 buildings on the campus; and
Whereas There are only two places to purchase scantron, blue books, and othere testing materials.
Be It Further Resolved That Vending machines be strategically placed in other buildings on campus containing several types of materials.