Resolution 05-19: NO MORE CHIPS & SODA

Number 05-19
Description food establishments added to UH
Authored by Alexandra Crosby
Gene Hintz
Sponsored by James Urban
Denis Gjoni
Johnny Gilpatrick
Date Submitted Tuesday, March 1, 2005
Date Considered Thursday, April 14, 2005
General Body Vote Thursday, January 1, 1970
Committee Committee Affairs
Result Killed By Committee
Remarks FAILED - Plans for remodeling the UH were already finalized, and there is not time nor funds available to incorporate this resolution.
Whereas The main food establishment are in the University Center on the North side of campus with the exception of vending machines; and
Whereas Students who spend the majority of their time on the south side of campus are forced to travel across campus to purchase nutritious food; and
Whereas The food line at the UC can get extremely long, preventing students with time constraints from having access to a regular nutritious meal throughout the course of the day; and
Whereas University Hall will be renovated during the summer; and
Whereas Residential facilities on the south and west side of campus also lack food establishments in the area.
Be It Further Resolved That Additional food establishments be incorporated into University Hall.
Downloadable File Download 05-19NoMoreChips_Soda_1627661347.pdf