Resolution 98-27: GIVE US A SPORT OF A CHANCE!

Number 98-27
Description Renovation of sports facilities
Authored by Julia Heath
Sponsored by Jeannie Panton
Date Submitted Tuesday, November 11, 1997
Date Considered Tuesday, December 2, 1997
General Body Vote Thursday, January 1, 1970
Committee Rules and Appropriations
Result n/a
Whereas The PE Building was built in 1953 for the purpose of housing the athletic department, and the building has since recieved minimal upkeep or renovations; and
Whereas The department of Exercise, Sport, and Health Studies, based in the PE Building facility, curently serves 325 declared undergraduate majors; and
Whereas The facility is only 15% air conditioned; and
Whereas It is estimated that 90% of the current labratory equipment is either outdated or broken down; and
Whereas The state of the department has the potential for seriously affecting the quality of education.
Be It Further Resolved That UTA investigate renovations to equipment and facilities used by the Department of Exercise, Sport, and Health Science; and
Be It Further Resolved That That this take effect immediately.