Resolution 97-14: GIVE VOTES A CHANCE

Number 97-14
Description Add polling sites for elections
Authored by Jeannie Panton
Sponsored by TJ Barber
Date Submitted Tuesday, April 8, 1997
Date Considered Tuesday, November 11, 1997
General Body Vote Thursday, January 1, 1970
Committee Student Affairs
Result Killed By Committee
Remarks FAILED - Less than a 5% increase in voting in the past. Higher potential for fraud, and costly.
Whereas On any given academic day, students are dispersed throughout the campus primarily according to academic discipline; and
Whereas There is presently one polling site for student elections, located at the University Center; and
Whereas This polling site is not conveniently accessible to the entire campus; and
Whereas Student elections should strive to accurately represent student opinion; and
Whereas Student Congress should strive to increase constituent participation.
Be It Further Resolved That Additional polling sites, serving different geographic regions of the campus, be implemented in future student elections; and
Be It Further Resolved That That this resolution takes effect in the student body elections of Fall 1997.
Downloadable File Download 97-14GiveVotesaChance_1627941046.pdf