Resolution 97-12: EXECUTIVE DECISION?

Number 97-12
Description Resolution may only be killed with 2/3 vote
Authored by Antione Rogers
Sponsored by Greg Burris
Date Submitted Tuesday, March 4, 1997
Date Considered Thursday, January 1, 1970
General Body Vote Tuesday, April 22, 1997
Committee Rules and Appropriations
Result Implemented
Whereas It is a responsibility of Student Congress to FAIRLY consider ALL resolutions presented; and
Whereas There have been several resolutions that have been either ignored or summarily dismissed by the executive committee (of fraction thereof).
Be It Further Resolved That A resolution that is submitted to Student Congress may only be removed from consideration by a 2/3 vote of the committee that it was assigned to; and
Be It Further Resolved That If a resolution is removed from consideration, a Student Congress Brief must be submitted for the resolution, and all research shall be compiled in the same fashion as a resolution that passes or fails a committee; and
Be It Further Resolved That That this resolution takes effect immediately and be retroactive to the Spring 1996 session.