Resolution 96-07: I NEED MORE LUNCH MONEY

Number 96-07
Description Eliminate Aramark to chanrge lower prices for meals
Authored by Unknown
Sponsored by Unknown
Date Submitted Tuesday, February 20, 1996
Date Considered Wednesday, January 1, 1000
General Body Vote Thursday, January 1, 1970
Committee Committee Affairs
Result Killed By Committee
Remarks FAILED - No further information about this resolution is available.
Whereas Students regularly eat on campus, and many students live on campus and do not have transportation to eat off campus; and
Whereas Prices off campus in the same restaurants are lower than on campus; and
Whereas Some restaurants in the area give student discounts, and the university can subsidize these companies in order to lower the prices; and
Whereas The university can rent franchise rights from restaurants directly and eliminate Aramark(ARA) as a middle man therefore allowing the university to charge lower prices; and
Whereas Catering on-campus events can be excessively expensive and noncompetitive with off-campus caterers; and
Whereas Aramark has a monopoly on on-campus catering.
Be It Further Resolved That The university regulate and monitor prices in on-campus restaurants so that they are reasonably priced; and
Be It Further Resolved That Sales at restaurants off-campus also be in effect on campus; and
Be It Further Resolved That The university should also regulate and monitor prices for catering on-campus events so that they are reasonably priced; and
Be It Further Resolved That As a final option the university should consider subsidizing the food service so that the financial burden of ARA is not passed on to the students through high prices.
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