Resolution 96-03: LET'S TRADE BOOKS

Number 96-03
Description Put in place a book exchange program
Authored by Maurice Aguilar
Sponsored by Robert Reyes
Collette Williams
Date Submitted Thursday, January 25, 1996
Date Considered Thursday, January 1, 1970
General Body Vote Tuesday, April 23, 1996
Committee Student Affairs
Result Not Implemented
Remarks FAILED - Approved by University President. Memo sent to SC President TJ Barber from president of regarding a partnership between SC and the site. It appears that this was never implemented.
Whereas The UTA bookstore does not provide a service to students to purchase books from other students; and
Whereas Such programs exist at other institutions; and
Whereas A book exchange program will allow students to sell books to other students at higher prices and buy books at lower prices than the bookstore; and
Whereas The amount of money required to purchase all books for every class is significant.
Be It Further Resolved That A book exchange board be placed and displayed at the UTA bookstore and on the Student Congress home page. It would allow students to post their name, phone number, title of book, author, edition, and requested price; and
Be It Further Resolved That Student Congress adopt this program and be responsible for the update and maintenance of the book exchange board.
Be It Further Resolved That This resolution shall take effect immediately.