Number 95-03
Description Economics requirements for all majors be reduced
Authored by Paul Mitchell
Sponsored by Christina Whipple
Date Submitted Tuesday, January 24, 1995
Date Considered Wednesday, February 15, 1995
General Body Vote Thursday, January 1, 1970
Committee Academic Affairs
Result n/a
Remarks FAILED - "This resolution was poorly written. The research done prior to submission of this resolution was poorly done due to the fact that the majority of students were required to take an economics class in one form or another. Not all economics classes
Whereas The two primary motivators of all human action are coercion, and Economics; and
Whereas The underlying cause of all war, and the underlying issue of all political discourse, is Economics; and
Whereas The primary measure of success in American society is Economic success; and
Whereas Economic pressure is at the root of most divorce and civil violence; and
Whereas An understanding of Economics is fundamental to any true understanding of such required courses as history and political science, as well as an understanding of such topics as social change, and technological progress; and
Whereas A body of graduates holding a superior command of Economic issues will lead to an increase in the prestige of (and therefore attendance at) the University of Texas at Arlington.
Be It Further Resolved That The student body of the University of Texas at Arlington hereby calls upon the administration to adopt a policy that no less than three semester hours of Economics coursework be required for the completion of all Bachelor's degree programs; and
Be It Further Resolved That Degree plans for all majors be revised so as to allow additional elective economics courses to be taken for credit towards all baccalaureate degrees; and
Be It Further Resolved That This resolution be implemented in such fashion as to avoid any alteration of degree plans already undertaken by any currently or previously enrolled student.