Number 94-21
Description Add a walkway behind West St to reduce traffic
Authored by Melissa Russ
Sponsored by Shelley Houser
Date Submitted Tuesday, April 5, 1994
Date Considered Tuesday, April 5, 1994
General Body Vote Thursday, January 1, 1970
Committee Student Affairs
Result n/a
Remarks FAILED
Whereas There are parking facilities south of Mitchell Street in front of the Business building. Many students use those lots daily in their journey from remote parking to university facilities; and
Whereas The walkway that runs along West Street and across Trading Horse Creek lacks a sidewalk or unobstructed walkway, and students must walk in West Steet in the same direction as that of any oncoming traffic; and
Whereas There are no pedestrian crosswalks at the entrances of any of these parking facilities, and use of the nearest pedestrian crosswalk is feasible only after crossing the Trading Horse Creek area being discussed; and
Whereas When it rains, the side of the street is often temporarily flooded, and the pathways on either side of the creek are muddy, preventing easy (even if unsafe) use of the street as a passage way.
Be It Further Resolved That A cement walkway be constructed running parallel to the east side of West Street (from Mitchell Street to the parking lot) and over Trading Horse Creek in an effort to ease student travel.