Number 94-08
Description Food consumed in cafeteria line is free of charge
Authored by Dave Worch
Sponsored by Matt Russell
TJ Barber
Date Submitted Tuesday, February 15, 1994
Date Considered Wednesday, January 1, 1000
General Body Vote Thursday, January 1, 1970
Committee Other
Result n/a
Remarks FAILED - No further information is available about this resolution.
Whereas The food court in the University Center is provided for student and faculty eating convenience, and many people use it to get food on the run; and
Whereas There are 8 cash registers placed at the exits to the food court; and
Whereas Only 2-3 registers are ever in operation at any one time, and then only at lunch rush. The rest of the time there is usually only one register in operation; and
Whereas The lines are often 10-15 minutes long; and
Whereas The service personnel refuse to open further registers even when there are excess personnel in the area.
Be It Further Resolved That This organization requests to ARA through both verbal and written form, to double the number registers in operation at any one time; and
Be It Further Resolved That Should ARA refuse to honor this request in a timely fahion that an informal policy be announced to the student body that any food completely consumed in line is free of charge; and
Be It Further Resolved That Any student charged and prosecuted for failing to pay for food in above circumstance be defended by Student Congress and the administration of the University of Texas at Arlington.