Resolution 93-34: COFFEE HOUSE AT UTA

Number 93-34
Description To create a non-alcoholic lounge space where students can relax with entertainment
Authored by Terry Cross
Sponsored by Matt Russell
Date Submitted Tuesday, September 28, 1993
Date Considered Tuesday, November 30, 1993
General Body Vote Thursday, January 1, 1970
Committee Other
Result n/a
Remarks Memo from University President Amacher dated January 13, 1994 said that "I have no objections to a committee being formed." - the findings of that committee are unknown.
Whereas The campus of the University of Texas at Arlington does not currently possess a facility for the regular opportunity of social interaction between faculty, students, and local community residents; and
Whereas Current market trends in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area reflect a strong interest in non-alcoholic entertainment venues with musical and cultural attraction; and
Whereas The communities of the UTA campus and the city of Arlington reflect a wide diversity of interests that would patronize such an establishment; and
Whereas This venue could create an opportunity to generate revenue money to be channeled back into the campus community.
Be It Further Resolved That A committee be formed to study the feasibility of said program; and
Be It Further Resolved That Should said project be considered valid, operation will be developed and funds allocated for implementation.