Number 93-15
Description All trash receptacles must be blue and have the UTA logo somewhere on them
Authored by John Gordon
Sponsored by Glen Oliver
Date Submitted Tuesday, February 23, 1993
Date Considered Wednesday, January 1, 1000
General Body Vote Thursday, January 1, 1970
Committee Committee Affairs
Result n/a
Remarks No further information is available about this resolution.
Whereas UTA is a major metropolitan university; and
Whereas The campus of UTA should have the look of a major metropolitan university; and
Whereas Today on the campus of UTA, trash receptacles are made from old 20-30 gallon steel drums; and
Whereas Holes are punched in the bottom of these steel drums trash receptacles so that water will not collect in them; and
Whereas Since many students deposit their half empty cokes in these steel drum trash receptacles there is a large quantity of coke syrup on the ground around them; and
Whereas This coke syrup forms a large dark discolored patch on the sidewalks in front of many buildings and bridges on campus, and at times large dark patches of coke syrup can have a tendency to produce a foul odor, and trash receptacles made from old 20 - 30 gallon steel drums do not convey the image of a major university.
Be It Further Resolved That All trash receptacles on the campus of UTA shall all conform to a set standard; and
Be It Further Resolved That This standard shall call for blue trash receptacles similar to the ones currently in place between the Engineering I bldg and Nedderman Hall; and
Be It Further Resolved That All trash recepatacles shall have places on them in white vinyl lettering the UTA logo.