Number 93-09
Description "Student Choice Award" should start to award and empower students
Authored by Derrick Kinney
Sponsored by Zeb Tidwell
Kimberly Crutchfield
Tracey Cox
Kennie Pryor
Glen Oliver
Date Submitted Tuesday, February 9, 1993
Date Considered Tuesday, March 30, 1993
General Body Vote Thursday, January 1, 1970
Committee Other
Result n/a
Whereas UTA is a major metropolitan university; and
Whereas The students are one of the customers of UTA and appreciate the helpful assistance they receive from most of the faculty, staff and administration; and
Whereas Most UTA faculty, staff and administration are quite helpful; however, some feel like they are not rewarded and encouraged to provide excellent service to students; and
Whereas Regrettably, a student's perception of UTA is often tarnished by the few not providing helpful service; and
Whereas Today's most profitable companies foster an atmosphere where employees are rewarded for achieving high customer satisfaction levels; and
Whereas It is important to understand the concept: UTA students are customers of a solid education, while UTA faculty, staff, and administrators are customers of satisfying and rewarding employment.
Be It Further Resolved That A Total Quality Management System be implemented at UTA that provides a method for students to evaluate how their needs and concerns are addressed by the major departments and offices at UTA and rewards/recognizes those who provide outstanding and helpful service to the students; and
Be It Further Resolved That The Total Quality Management System would be structured in the following way: 1. Each department/office will make available "Student Comment Cards: exclusively for students to fill out on how well their needs were adressed. 2. Student Comment Cards would be printed on recycled paper in the spirit of friendliness to the environment and look similar to the model attached. 3. Completed Student Comment Cards would be placed in locked boxes in their respective departments/offices. 4. Twice each year, a student committee would be charged with reviewing the Student Comment Cards and ranking all departments/offices by highest to lowest student-satisfaciton levels. This would be based on the question, "How were your needs, concerns handled?" by assigning a grade of A, B, C, or D. "Note: A fair and equitable system would be established to compare each department/office. For example; the UTA Police Department may receive negative comments regarding traffic tickets, when they were simply upholding the law. 5. After a cut-off point was established, all departments/offices in the top half would be published in the university newspaper to reward and recognize their achievements. The student committee would contact the appropriate UTA Vice-President about all departments/offices that scored in the bottom half. The respective Vice-President would relay this information to their staff in a positive and goal setting manner. 6. The department/office with the highest student-satisfaction level would be awarded the "Student's Choice Award" (a large trophy to be displayed proudly in biewing area) for service excellence by the University President at a reception held in that department/office; and
Be It Further Resolved That The "Student's Choice Award" would be an ongoing friendly competition between all departments/offices on campus with everyone benefitting; and
Be It Further Resolved That The Public Relations Committee will be in charge of collecting and reading the cards; and
Be It Further Resolved That Comment boxes will be placed in each building and cards will be placed in each department/office; and
Be It Further Resolved That The card will include an area for Student Congress suggestions, and when the program begins, the University President and Student Congress President co-sign a memorandum to be circulated to every office to ensure complete participation.