Resolution 93-02: VOTER REGISTRATION

Number 93-02
Description Voter registration be offered in History and Political Science classes
Authored by Community Affairs Committee
Sponsored by Kimberly Crutchfield
Randy Tarbell
Janella Bamble
Matt Russell
Theresa Arredondo
Date Submitted Wednesday, February 3, 1993
Date Considered Tuesday, April 20, 1993
General Body Vote Thursday, January 1, 1970
Committee Student Affairs
Result n/a
Remarks IMPLEMENTED - If Student Congress provides the card, the departments have agreed to pass them out.
Whereas The right to vote is a precious commodity taken for granted by many; and
Whereas College age students as a collective group are in an important voting block come election time; and
Whereas Politicians realizing the above fact may be more responsive to pro-higher education legislation if they knew the potential of college students voting.
Be It Further Resolved That UTA establishes a system that voter registration cards are offered in all Political Science and History classes; and
Be It Further Resolved That The History and Political Science departments be responsible for the implementation of this program.