Resolution 92-51: LET'S FILL THE SEATS

Number 92-51
Description If a seat becomes vacant, next person with highest votes gets the position w/o an interview.
Authored by Mike Meagher
Sponsored by Beth Biesky
Date Submitted Tuesday, October 13, 1992
Date Considered Tuesday, October 27, 1992
General Body Vote Thursday, January 1, 1970
Committee Rules and Appropriations
Result n/a
Whereas Although Student Congress usually has enough people running for offices at election time; and
Whereas The people who ran and lost may want the position and dedicate themselves more than those that are elected; and
Whereas This is evidenced by the many students who drop out, causing un-due delays in executive committee by forcing them to have to advertise, interview, select, etc.
Be It Further Resolved That Student Congress implement a policy whereby if an office becomes vacant during a semester, the person with the highest number of votes during the previous semester's elections be awarded the office without an interview or any furhter application procedures; and
Be It Further Resolved That If there are two (2) people in one college, then the top two, etc; and
Be It Further Resolved That If there are no more people who ran, the procedure would be as it is now for that office; and
Be It Further Resolved That This will be added to the Spring 1993 Election Code.