Resolution 92-41: TIMELY GRADUATION

Number 92-41
Description Permission to enroll in a full class
Authored by Steve Horstman
Sponsored by Danny George
Date Submitted Tuesday, September 15, 1992
Date Considered Tuesday, November 10, 1992
General Body Vote Thursday, January 1, 1970
Committee Academic Affairs
Result n/a
Remarks IMPLEMENTED - Memo from University President Amacher dated April 7, 1993, states that this is "a viable solution."
Whereas It is essential that a university educate its students in a timely manner; and
Whereas Students who are forced to unexpectedly delay graduation stand to lose jobs and/or considerable income; and
Whereas The addition of one or two students to a single class results in a relatively small increase in workload for an instructor; and
Whereas Some departments on campus currently refuse to extend class sizes to allow graduating seniors to take a class that is needed to graduate.
Be It Further Resolved That All departments extend class size as required to allow graduating seniors to take a class that is required for graduation; and
Be It Further Resolved That To be allowed to add a class that is already full, the student must present the department with a Degree Plan Check form, signed by the Graduation Office, which indicates that the class in questions is required for graduation during the current semester.