Number 92-20
Description Students should be able to see their exams
Authored by Linda Moffatt
Sponsored by Andy Ternay
Danny George
Date Submitted Tuesday, April 21, 1992
Date Considered Tuesday, September 29, 1992
General Body Vote Thursday, January 1, 1970
Committee Academic Affairs
Result n/a
Remarks FAILED
Whereas Some professors choose to utilize the same examination for more than one semester; and
Whereas These professors may or may not choose to allow students access to view these exams; and
Whereas Viewing a graded examination is beneficial to students on two levels; (1) As a learning process and (2) As a reinforcement to ensure that the exam has been graded properly and fairly; and
Whereas A professor who does not choose to return examinations to students, generally will inform the student of his/her grade through alternative methods, which are not as conducive to either of the above processes.
Be It Further Resolved That All students be given the right to view any examination, test, or quiz taken by the student, after it has been graded; and
Be It Further Resolved That Professors may be allowed to retain any and all exams for their own files, so long as any student has access to see his/her own exam.