Number 92-10
Description Liberal Arts substitute language classes with business classes
Authored by Darrell Maronde
Derrick Kinney
Sponsored by Martha Healey
Stephen Griffin
Richard Martinez
Larry Reyes
Linda Fowler
Date Submitted Tuesday, March 24, 1992
Date Considered Wednesday, January 1, 1000
General Body Vote Thursday, January 1, 1970
Committee Academic Affairs
Result n/a
Remarks No further information is available about this resolution.
Whereas The UTA Undergraduate Catalog (VOL. LXXXIV No. 3 June 1991) states that the following Bachelor of Arts degrees require 4 semesters/14 hours of a foriegn language: Art History, Classical studies, Communication, Criminology and criminal justice, English, EXSS, History, Interdisciplinary studies, Music, Philosophy and Humanities, Political Science, Sociology, Theater Arts, Math, Social Work, Chemistry, Geology, Psychology, and Physics; and
Whereas The first two semesters of a foreign language with a lab reach the basic skills most commonly used, with 4 semesters being cumbersome; and
Whereas Page 268 of the Undergraduate Catalog lists "Substitutions for foreign language" offered by the College of Science, enabling students to substitute 2 courses for 6 hours of a foreign language; and
Whereas This allows science majors to achieve a greater depth in their academic background; and
Whereas Many students are asked, "What are you going to do with a Liberal Arts degree?" and
Whereas Page 159 of the Undergraduate Catalog entitled "The College of Liberal Arts" states that "The pace of societal change demands that students be prepared to confront new problems, to evaluate new ideas and stratagies consciously and conscientiously." Students desire to be as marketable as possible to prospective employers. It is crucial to make sound financial decisions, plan your investment future, and understand fluctuations in the economy.
Be It Further Resolved That Each Bachelor of Arts student be given an OPTION in their degree plan in which the last 2 semesters/6 hours of foreign language may be substituted with 6 hours from the College of Business in the following manner: Foreign Language 2313 is replaced with Personal Finance 2310; and
Be It Further Resolved That That the course substitution is an OPTION only and not a requirement for any student; and
Be It Further Resolved That These specific courses provide a practical application of business principles to the student; and
Be It Further Resolved That These course options be made available to students during the advisement and registration process beginning the Fall 1992 semester.