Number 91-03
Description Set minimum requirement for entering freshman SAT and ACT scores
Authored by Randall Trent
Sponsored by Danny George
Date Submitted Tuesday, January 29, 1991
Date Considered Tuesday, January 29, 1991
General Body Vote Thursday, January 1, 1970
Committee Academic Affairs
Result n/a
Remarks FAILED
Whereas UTA is an institution of Higher Education and therefore is entitled to a minimum amount of Elementary Education for its entering freshperson; and
Whereas The present entrance requirements are inadequate and laughable; and
Whereas At least 25% of entering freshpersons have a totally inadequate amount of Elementary Education; and
Whereas These 25% are a serious impediment for any reasonable pace of Higher Learning; and
Whereas An institution of Higher Learning certainly ought to care more about quality than mere body-counts; and
Whereas Under present conditions there is not enough incentive for High Schools to provide sufficent Elementary Education.
Be It Further Resolved That 1. Urges UTA administrators and the under-graduate assembly to raise the entrance requirements for entering freshpersons gradually over the next years; and
Be It Further Resolved That 2. Urges the President and Vice President for Academic Affairs to use every oppurtunity in meetings with other bodies (e.g. coordinating boards, legislative committees, school boards, etc.) to call attention to the deplorable state of education and the need for urgent and drastic improvement state-wide; and
Be It Further Resolved That 3. Requests the administration of UTA to notify high schools of the impending raising of entrance requirements and hence their obligations to provide the necessary Elementary Education, for high school graduates to apply successfully for university admission; and
Be It Further Resolved That 4. Specifically requests the undergraduate assembly to change: 4.1 the entrance requirements for entering freshpersons, beginning with the next edition of the undergraduate catalog (1991/93??) in the following way: High School minimum acceptable maximum acceptable graduate class SAT scores ACT scores first quarter 800 19 second quarter 900 22 3rd & 4th quarter 1,000 24 4.2 the required high school units in the following way: Mathematics from 2 to 3 units, with at least 2 units of algebra and at least 1 unit of geometry. Note: a version of this resolution was written and presented to the faculty senate by Sir. V.O. Herrmann, professor of physics.