Resolution 91-32: A NEW PARKING SOLUTION

Number 91-32
Description Late registration remote parking
Authored by Andrew Ternay
Sponsored by Lisa McCullough
Date Submitted Tuesday, October 22, 1991
Date Considered Tuesday, October 22, 1991
General Body Vote Thursday, January 1, 1970
Committee Other
Result n/a
Remarks FAILED
Whereas Previous suggestions to a parking solution have been depressing and controversial; and
Whereas If someone should be picked on, then let's focus on the student who costs the rest of us money; and
Whereas We do have remote parking which needs to be utilized; and
Whereas The students who register on the last two days of late registration are not transfer students or any particular class of student but procrastinators who cost the student body in general the money necessary to keep registration open these last two days.
Be It Further Resolved That On the last two days of late registration these students be offered only remote parking stickers;
Be It Further Resolved That These students can utilize class A parking after 5:00 P.M.; and
Be It Further Resolved That After the eighth week mid-term all parking be first come first serve in all parking areas.